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The honorable badge of leading pharmaceutical company in India is achieved by Rx healthcare only though its quality policies. Our stern belief in following international quality standards during manufacturing led to the iconic position. The quality stringency is applied over all areas of production and marketing such as impartation of raw base materials, manufacturing, machineries, formulation, apt packaging, delivery and product promotion. This quality standard ensures formation of premium products and its effective entry into PCD basis pharma franchise market. Our unit is blessed with efficient quality analysis department that tests the products at different stages throughout formation. Third party manufacturer, also monitors the parameters of product delivery and service to render absolute quality inputs. Our well versed quality control department functions by following standard lab practices and perform testing by sticking to several Pharmacopoeia. Contract manufacturer also undertake customary validation of manufacturing processes, testing methods, instruments and other aspects of the cycle. The lab processes are conducted by trained and skilled staff placed at different levels.

Pharma manufacturing – Quality control

In order to uphold the purity of our formulations Rx healthcare embarks on the superior standards of cleanliness and sterility. All the products and development procedures are performed under supervision of several microbiological control utilities to arrest contamination. In general the quality control activities are performed and managed in four core areas. These include equipment and production analysis, microbiological analysis, raw material analysis and packaging material testing. To minimize the chances of ambiguities we regularly perform thorough inspection over different steps of production and delivery.  This stern quality policy guarantees ultimate promotion of health and wellbeing.

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