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Rx healthcare is the fastest growing pharma company in India and we are staying ahead by continually establishing several branches at different corners. We are also known for best quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices in this market. Our clientele is present in every nook as well as corner of the country and now we are shifting the focus on other markets too. This aggressive demeanor is possible with extremely proficient management team that tackles different areas of this process. We completely realize that for a success of company it is important to have skilled professionals at operations management. Owing to this understanding we have employed trained people that are expert in management of company operations, supply chains and other perspectives. Our team comprises of skilled people to manage areas like medicinal research and development, supply, external administration, relationship with clients as well as customers and stark supervision.

Our management team is well versed in handling critical situations and capable of empowering all elements for fluent working and timely growth. The prominent managerial attention is rendered to flow of raw materials during the production chain, documentation or certification, delivery statistics, product promotion, record keeping and overall process administration. Building healthy relations with clients is our mission therefore we strive hard to meet up the expectations through prompt management. Each and every section of this chain is prescribed with qualified departments that enable compliant management. Our pharmaceutical company believes in embracing the management practices that are effective and pave the path of success for the firm.


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900+ products, 8 Divisions # Franchise required for unrepresented areas all over India. # New Diabetic Range to be launched Shortly # 10 New Products Launched in Cardiac Division # Physician Samples will be Available Soon for All Our Divisions
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